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Sliding Patio Door Repair for Residential or Town homes

Posted on: 28th November, 2014

  For the most part sliding patio door repairs are similar to other sliding glass door repairs. However, in some cases, there can be a significant difference. So, what canpossibly be different? It’s the type of product used. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, when referring to sliding patio doors, people tend to think […]


A Reliable Patio Door Repair Company

Posted on: 14th November, 2014

A patio door repair company that delivers notable quality work along with great customer service isessential for a homeowners association and private owners that have patio doors. Many people don’t realize that greasing the track and door is a temporary fix and actually over time makes the problem worse as dust and debris accumulates from […]


Sliding Patio Glass Door Repair Service

Posted on: 1st November, 2014

Sliding Doors of Chicago is the leading company for sliding patio glass door repairs. Some people think that a service like ours is unnecessary in a place like Chicago, and would be more suitable for a warmer climate like Florida or California, but that is incorrect. Actually, it’s quite the opposite; in the warmer climates, […]