Aluminum Windows vs. Vinyl Sliding Doors

Posted on: 16th August, 2016 | Tags:

This blog is just the thing you need when it comes to that time when you have to make a choice between Aluminium and Vinyl sliding doors. As a leading sliding glass door repair company in Chicago, we are intimately acquainted with the different materials that are used to make windows and doors, and are thus in a good position to give you the right advice. When it comes to Aluminum vs. Vinyl sliding doors, here are some things to keep in mind:

Aluminum Windows

1. Vinyl frames are generally more attractive and used in Residential dwellings; scratches and chips don’t show as much on this material. It is not easily dented as well. Aluminium on the other hand, do not fare so well when it comes to scratches; the metal shows through easily.

2.  Aluminum sliding doors are more structurally sound and are generally used in areas with high winds and heavy rainfall. They’re also required in high-rise and mid-rise buildings.

3. Vinyl sliding doors do not corrode easily, while aluminium is more susceptible to it as the steel or zinc fasteners used in them may react with the aluminium and cause corrosion.

4. Vinyl sliding doors and Aluminum can both be energy-efficient, although Vinyl may outperform. Ensure the aluminum sliding glass doors should are thermally broken to provide energy-efficiency.  

5. The maintenance of vinyl sliding doors is much easier than aluminium windows that need to be frequently lubricated and repainted if the paint chips off.

Hope this helps make the right choice; talk to us to know more.