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Aluminum Windows vs. Vinyl Sliding Doors

Posted on: 16th August, 2016 | Tags:

This blog is just the thing you need when it comes to that time when you have to make a choice between Aluminium and Vinyl sliding doors. As a leading sliding glass door repair company in Chicago, we are intimately acquainted with the different materials that are used to make windows and doors, and are […]


Sliding Glass Doors in High-Rises

Posted on: 4th August, 2016

Sliding glass doors are the best option for high-rises in Chicago. High impact sliding glass doors that have been designed to withstand the buffets of wind and storm that are part and parcel of the Windy City, are imperative especially in high- rise apartments and buildings. Swing doors or any other kind of doors at […]


How Sliding Glass Doors Work

Posted on: 30th July, 2016

The basic function of a sliding glass door is obviously the slide, so we will see that mechanism first. Glass doors are fitted into their frames on top and at the bottom, and move along tracks. These tracks could be wood, metal, or vinyl; the doors are fitted with rollers – which roll along these […]


Sliding Glass Doors VS. Swing Doors

Posted on: 6th October, 2015

Choosing sliding glass doors for your home can be a great option to enhance your space; as can swing doors. The options are endless no matter what you may choose. Depending on the room in your home that you are looking to enhance, that will be the decision between the two options. Sliding glass doors […]


Why Sliding Glass Doors Can Improve the Design of Your Home

Posted on: 20th August, 2015 | Tags: ,

Sliding glass doors come in a variety of different frames, shapes and sizes.  A small change to your sliding glass door and make the world of difference when it comes to your home. Starting with the front door moving to even a living area space or kitchen, a sliding glass door can be an essential […]


Why Choose Sliding Glass Doors for Every Season

Posted on: 24th July, 2015 | Tags: ,

    There are a number of different options for door configurations when it comes to patio doors.  No matter what the season may be or the location, sliding glass doors will always work.  The different types of glass doors are great for different season. Bi-Folding doors are a great option for the warmer months.  The […]


Chicago Patio Door Repair Company

Posted on: 24th April, 2015 | Tags: ,

Chicago has thousands of sliding glass doors and patio doors. Finding a patio door repair company is crucial in maintaining your doors. Due to the extreme weather conditions, the patio doors in Chicago undergo a lot of destruction. A reputable and professional company can make a big difference in the experience you have. Below are […]


Why Choose Sliding Glass Doors

There are a number of different options for door configurations when it comes to patio doors. You can go with traditional swing doors, bi-folding doors, and even a combination of the two. But why do we love sliding glass doors? There are many reasons!        Sliding patio doors are very common for many […]