How Sliding Glass Doors Work

Posted on: 30th July, 2016

The basic function of a sliding glass door is obviously the slide, so we will see that mechanism first. Glass doors are fitted into their frames on top and at the bottom, and move along tracks. These tracks could be wood, metal, or vinyl; the doors are fitted with rollers – which roll along these tracks. This is preferred as it makes the sliding movement easy, but is usually not necessary in smaller frames like sliding windows, which glide directly on the tracks.

Patio Doors Repairs

These glass doors are hung from the top or have tracks on the bottom depending on their function. Closet doors for example, are generally lightweight and are hung from the top. Exterior patio doors usually have rollers at the bottom as they are much heavier; they also have one fixed panel and one operable one.

For safety, these doors are secured with catches which could be stainless steel, recessed latch handles for wooden sliding doors or other varieties depending on the type of sliding door.

It is imperative though that the installation of these glass sliding doors must be done with care and by professionals who know their job. The maintenance of these doors also need to be done with utmost care, which is why if you are looking for a sliding glass door repair company in Chicago, you must talk to us!