Sliding Glass Doors VS. Swing Doors

Posted on: 6th October, 2015

Choosing sliding glass doors for your home can be a great option to enhance your space; as can swing doors. The options are endless no matter what you may choose. Depending on the room in your home that you are looking to enhance, that will be the decision between the two options.

Sliding glass doors can be a great addition for multiples reason; especially in your living room, dining room, or kitchen.  Having glass will be create easy maintenance as far as cleaning purposes.  Having a sliding glass door on a track will save a tremendous amount of space as opposed to the swing door option.  You can easily dress the sliding glass door as well with drapery and/or blinds which is another great addition.  Adding a sliding screen door is an excellent add on for any season to have fresh air flowing into your space while keeping out all the bugs, etc.

Sliding glass door repairs

Swing Doors are another excellent preference for your home.  An entrance and/or exit in a home is always a very attractive look to place swing doors whether you choose glass or solid doors with a small touch of glass.  An entry way in a home doesn’t require a large amount of space because that’s the only traffic area where you enter and exit.  Choosing glass would again be easy maintenance as far as cleaning purposes, and also can easily be provided with privacy by using drapes and/or curtains.  The top quality look which would save you money as well would be choosing a solid door (any material you choose) will a small glass cut out preferably frosted that way your privacy aspect is covered.