The Use of Bi-Fold Doors in Residential Areas

Posted on: 26th July, 2016 | Tags:

The versatility and practicality of bi-fold doors – not to mention the dramatic entrance it creates – is making these doors a popular choice in many home. We at Sliding Doors Chicago, a leading sliding glass door repair company in Chicago, are apace with the most modern trends and strive to bring them to you. Here is an overview of why bi-fold doors are as popular as they are:

1. They are ideal for spaces that need a wide, unobstructed opening.

2. They perfectly complement the modern open plan, adding to the aesthetic value of the home, while creating economy of space.

3. High quality bi-fold doors This versatile door design uses compression seal technology for superior sound, air and water performance.

Sliding Doors Chicago

The unique operating system used in bi-fold doors allows for it be folded away to one side, opening up your room to the outdoors or expanding one room into another. They are stylish and practical and make excellent additions to a home – be it a modern or a traditional plan. Talk to us to find out more about how these bi-fold doors can be a perfect match for your home.